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NuCanoe Models

13 foot Pursuit 12 foot Frontier 10 foot Frontier

Pursuit (13 foot model)

At the boundary between canoes, kayaks, and small boats, lies the Pursuit.
Our new Pursuit model is full of opportunities, enabling new adventures and delivering unique experiences.

Combining speed, stability, and space, the Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise.
The Pursuitís platform-style design is packed with integrated features that are there when you need them and out of your way when you donít.
The Pursuit Seating System sets a new standard for fishing kayaks Ė its simplicity and comfort are unmatched.
The Pursuit is not only an entirely new NuCanoe. Itís an entirely new fishing kayak.

Go beyond the ordinary. Get in the pursuit.

Design Features

Length 13.5′
Width 35″
Weight 82 lbs
Capacity 500 lbs
Draft 3″
Max Power 2.5 HP gas or equiv. Electric

Frontier 12

At the boundary between canoes, kayaks, and small boats, lies the Frontier.
Frontier is full of opportunities, enabling new adventures and delivering unique experiences.

Shown above; our 2017 Frontier 12 with one Pinnacle 360 seat with quick release and swivel on a rigid seat base.

In the Frontier, you can do things your way... a better way! You can choose to go solo in style OR tandem with room to spare.
You can position one or two seats anywhere along the 70" Freedom Tracks.
Face the action with 360° Mobility.
Don't just sit, you can stand, even walk with confidence on the 20" wide Cast & Blast Deck.

In the Frontier, there are no limits.
Put rod holders where you like them - on the Universal Mount Docks, or in the Freedom Track.
Take all the tackle you could possibly need, and secure it in the Gear Vault or strap it in the Crate Space.
Extra rods? Just remove the Hatch Sack to tuck them away in the Rod Chamber.

Frontier can be paddled, poled or motored into the all best spots.
Places unreachable with too large a craft, or heaven forbid, no craft.

In the Frontier, the journey & the destination are up to you.
Fish in the lakes. Float the rivers. Hunt in the marshes. Paddle through the surf. Go for a sunset cruise in the bay. Do more… and enjoy more!

Go beyond the ordinary. Go to the Frontier.

Design Features

Rod Chamber


Multi-Seat Bases
[1 or 2]

Cast & Blast Deck

70″ Freedom Tracks [2]

360° Mobility [with Swivel Seat option]




with plugs
[self bailing]


or Battery


Length 12′
Width 41″
Deck Width [between tracks] 20″
Weight 77 lbs
Capacity 650 lbs
Draft 3-5″
Max Power 2 HP gas or equiv. Electric

Frontier 10

The Frontier 10 is here....and it is all that we hoped it would be. 
Super stable, incredibly maneuverable, completely customizable, and easy to handle off the water. 
We are sure you'll be impressed too!  Read on to learn the details, watch the Frontier 10 in action, and learn about all the new features.

The Specs

Length = 118 1/2"
Width = 38 1/2"
Weight = 67 lbs
Capacity = 500 lbs
Self-Bailing Capacity = 350lbs

All in all just about as expected, except for the weight.   
We'd have loved for the F10 to be down in the low sixties, but we were not willing to compromise hull strength and integrity to make this happen. 
That said, when handling the Frontier 10 off the water, it feels light and easy to carry/transport/load. 

Speaking of strength, the Cast & Blast Deck is rock solid, and the contour of the hull is such that water will not pool near the bow or on the sides. 
The redesigned channels near the scuppers means the F10 bails fast and no water stays behind.

On The Water
Stability - Well, it is a Frontier, so you'd expect it to be stable.  And it is super stable and very comfortable for standing. 

Tracking - I think the biggest surprise for most people who paddle the Frontier 10 will be how well it tracks.  It is not quite up to the "straight as an arrow" tracking of the Frontier 12, but once you get a couple paddle strokes in, the F10 holds a straight course.   And maintains a straight glide when the paddling stops.

Paddling - Again, this is going to surprise people.  The Frontier 10 moves real nice through the water...nothing like you would guess form the 38.5" beam. Maneuverability - The Frontier 10 can literally be turned 360 on its own axis.   Easily whip the boat 180 degrees with just 2-3 paddle strokes.  Nimble as can be for those tight waters and small creeks.

Outfit Your Frontier

This unique watercraft is customizable and adaptable.
We sell the Frontier with either one or two Seat Bases, depending if you like to go solo or with a partner.
Seat Bases are easily removed or customized. Choose either the Rigid Seat Base (higher profile) OR the Multi Seat Base (lower profile).
You get to decide what you want and where you want it. And you can change it whenever you like.

Upgrade to the "Captain's Seat" or "MAX 360 Swivel" seat(s).

Captain's Seat
The 18" Captain's Seat is your ticket to comfort on the water. The sculpted padding and superior back support will ensure you'll be feeling great after a long paddle or a full day of fishing. The back of the seat contains a handy day pack for storing your valuables. The Captain's seat fits on the Multi seat base.

Max 360 Seat
Turn your fishing world around and around in
maximum comfort with the Max 360 Seat.
Features an extra wide seat bottom, thick cushioning,
and a 16" tall upright back rest. Available in Charcoal or Camo.
We recommend you add a Quick Release Bracket and Stainless Steel Swivel Seat Mounting Kit along with the Max 360 seat.
The Max 360 fits on either the Rigid seat base OR the Multi seat base.

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