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Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts
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Phone Order line (10am-6pm EST) ..................(800)452-9257
"Waterport" (between Rochester and Niagara Falls) ........... (585)682-4849
"Rochester" (on beautiful Irondequoit Bay) .............................. (585)288-5550
email us: oakorchardcanoe@rochester.rr.com
"Welcome to the BIGGEST - LITTLE canoe and kayak shop in the world"
Oak Orchard Canoes
Our own Oak Orchard Canoes feature fine craftsmanship, good performance and safety at a reasonable price. We have found them to be a great value compared to mass merchant box store canoes that are heavy, slow, tipsy and rot in the sunlight. If you're looking at lower priced canoes your other options are used ones that perhaps have seen better days or a plastic beast that is also wear dated. Why not get the most value for your money? Our Oak Orchard canoes are carefully made one at a time to last as long as you do!

Our Saranac comes standard with vinyl gunwales, an ash yoke and carry handles and ash/web seats. We use the highest grade of selectively reinforced Heavy Duty Royalex for maximum durability! It's hard to find a more versatile canoe than our Saranac.

Our Fiberglass or Kevlar Wee Lassie rivals those costing hundreds more and will, like all our other models, prove to be a good value years after your purchase. Premier grade wood trim is standard on the Wee Lassie.
Model Length Width Weight Capacity Material Features
Wee Lassie (solo)  10' 7" 28" 19 lbs 230 lbs Kevlar wood trim
Wee Lassie (solo) 10' 7" 28" 29 lbs 230 lbs Fiberglass wood trim
Adirondack Guideboat 14' 3" 36 ½" 79 lbs   Fiberglass traditional cane seats
Saranac 15' 36" 57 lbs 700 lbs Royalex web seats, ash yoke 
Wee Lassie ...........only 19 pounds in Kevlar !
The Wee Lassie is a unique concept, it's more like the size of a small kayak but not at all enclosed. You are totally free to stretch your legs and get in or out any way you please. -No cockpit to wiggle into. You sit low in the Wee Lassie. -No getting blown around by the wind.
Beautiful Ash gunwales accent each side of the Wee Lassie and are perfectly quiet when you set down your paddle and reach for your camera, perhaps just as a rare River Otter slips into view.
You may have heard of boats like this that were made famous in the 1800's by going all over the Adirondacks. Usually they're custom made and very expensive. Our's is made very sturdy and also reasonably priced. Several seating options are sold separately.
Just imagine the type of remote lakes and ponds that now seem reasonable to hike into and go paddling with a 19 lb craft!
Visit our store to get a peek at this great little gem.

 Model Length Width   Weight  Capacity Material Features
Wee Lassie (solo)  10' 7" 28" 19 lbs 230 lbs Kevlar wood trim
Wee Lassie (solo) 10' 7" 28" 29 lbs 230 lbs Fiberglass wood trim

Adirondack Guide Boat

Our traditional Guide Boat design blends the style, grace and verstility of the classic guideboat with modern rugged materials. The Oak Orchard guideboat is not quite as frivilous as some we've seen. We made a real effort to keep things practical and sturdy. There's enough wood used in her construction to let you know you're in a classic but not so much that you'll need to finance it for ten years or be afraid to really use it and be able to relax. Stability is excellent on this beautiful craft. She's just about unaffected by the wind and has excellent turn of speed. The 14 foot size is perfect in that you have plenty of room to take along a friend but can still easily go solo. One rowing station is located amidships for solo use and another is located forward for those times you have company.

 Model Length Width   Weight Material Features
Adirondack Guideboat 14' 3" 36 ½" 79 lbs Fiberglass traditional cane seats

Oak Orchard "Saranac"

The Oak Orchard Saranac is made of top quality Heavy duty Royalex and is well reinforced at all critical wear areas. Yes, Royalex canoes do vary in quality. Others may be cheaper but we choose to use extra thickness and higher grade material for true long term durability. The Saranac is an extremely versatile canoe. Very light for a solo portage yet nearly indestructible. Nice glide and tracking on lakes yet maneuverable enough for moderate rapids. For many of our customers, this has proven to be a large enough canoe for a canoe camping trip for two with gear. The Saranac is also responsive enough for the solo paddler - just face backwards while sitting in the bow seat. Or choose your Saranac with an optional center seat (add $160), which is great for kids or solo paddling. Perhaps a center seat plus rowing option (add $200) is more your style.
New this year is the Angler Package; two sitbacker backrests and two Scotty® RodHolders (add $220).
The standard Saranac is well equipped with two comfy web seats and an ash yoke for portaging. At 57 lbs, lifting the Saranc by yourself is no problem.
 Model Length Width   Weight  Capacity Material Features
Saranac 15' 36" 57 lbs 700 lbs Royalex web seats, ash yoke 

Trying to pick the best canoe for your needs???
Call the Experts...at Oak Orchard.
1-800-452-9257 or 585-682-4849
email us: oakorchardcanoe@rochester.rr.com

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