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Sad to say BELL CANOES are no longer available.

The parent corporation of Bell Canoe Works [ORC industries] has announced they will no longer manufacture canoes.

Shipping ?
we can ship some of our CANOES to some States.....
....please call ph;(585) 682-4849 or email us for a quote.

Click here for shipping details.

Notice... Bell canoes were formerly made at ORC industries {Bell Canoe Works}.
We have NONE of the Bell Canoes left in stock.

The company that makes the Royalex material for all canoe brands has also stopped production.
If you are looking for a good Royalex canoe our recommendation would be to consider one of our Old Town or Wenonah canoes in T-Formex or Royalex.
These are great canoe brands we have sold for many years but the time to buy is now since have just a few Royalex canoes available.
Tuff Stuff is a new canoe material by NovaCraft if you would like a very rugged canoe with lighter weight. NovaCraft's Aramid Lite material is a general form of Kevlar.
Wenonah builds more Kevlar canoes than ALL other brands combined; so if you like lighter weight you should at least be considering a Wenonah!
NorthStar Canoe
by BELL CANOE WORKS... Shipping details.
Limited Availability.
Call or email us with your address for a shipping quote.
Call 1-800-452-9257 to order.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ever searched for the perfect performance tandem canoe? The NorthStar from Bell Canoe Works just might be it. We’ve trimmed the beam to provide the hull speed of boats a foot longer. It easily fits full-size packs and gear for multi-day trips. It tracks, it glides, it turns on a dime.

**Shown with optional wood trim and optional kneeling thwart.
Available Materials: WhiteGold, KevLite or BlackLite.
Available Options: web seats, Wood trim, Center seat, Kneeling thwart, Kneeling pad, Aluminum Footbrace, Carbon Footbrace, SuperSeat (padded seat with adjustable padded backrests).
BlackLite - 49 lbs.
KevLite - 43 lbs.
WhiteGold - 59 lbs.

Length: 16'-6"
Length/width ratio: 6.4

Bow 2.5"
Stern 1.5"

Bow: 20.5"
Mid: 13.5"
Stern: 17.5"

Gunwale width - 31"
Max width - 34.5"
4" WL width - 31"

2" WL - 160 lbs.
3" WL - 300 lbs.
4" WL - 410 lbs.
5" WL - 570 lbs.

6" Freeboard: 950 lbs.
Optimum Load: 250-550 lbs.
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