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"Welcome to the BIGGEST - LITTLE canoe and kayak shop in the world"
Dagger Kayaks

Multi Purpose Kayaks


Versatility of the Axis is unmatched in its class.
The smaller size of the Axis 10.5 provides easy storage and lighter weight for the small to average sized paddler.
The Axis 12.0 offers extra legroom and bouyancy for larger paddlers and also increased storage capacity for gear.
Axis is ideal for the paddler who appreciates day trips out on the lake, but would also enjoy the challenge of running the river rapids.
On lakes, calm rivers and ponds the Axis provides acceptable tracking due to a height-adjustable drop skeg that keeps you moving straight. Without the skeg deployed tracking is very poor.
Defined chines in the hull plus lots of rocker add even more maneuverability.
Axis can be fitted with optional thigh braces and sprayskirt for even more challenging environments.

We sell three models like this: the Axis by Dagger, the Sorrento by Old Town and the Aspire by Wilderness Systems.
Each has the skeg and each has a fair bit of curve to it, like a banana, this is called rocker. Great for turning, Not good for going straight.
Our customers that like either of these will generally like the others too.
If you are running rapids one day and therefor feel the need for lots of maneuverability in order to turn independent of the current flow.
Then another weekend you are cruising the lake, you will need lots of tracking and glide or else it will seem too much like work.
These models are designed to do all that.
The disadvantage of these models is they may not be enough of one thing.
If you really want to run the rapids over and over, none of these are a real whitewater kayak.
If you spend most of your time on flat water you could enjoy a kayak with more glide and more tracking which is less affected by the wind.
Examples of those kayaks with more glide and tracking would be the Loon by Old Town and the Pungo by Wilderness Systems.
Examples of kayaks with more glide and tracking than the Axis, Aspire or Sorrento but still more maneuverability than the Loon or Pungo would be the Solara by Current Designs,
the Marvel or Saluda by Liquid Logic and the Tupelo from Jackson Kayaks. These are all very good for doing a mix of lakes, streams and rivers without need of a retractable skeg.
The retractable skeg can be handy but it does take up a lot of space in the rear hatch. In general skegs are a proven design but they can be damaged in shallow rocky waters.
Model Length Width Cockpit Weight Capacity
Axis 10.5 10' 6" 28.5" 38" x 21" 50 lbs 300 lbs.
Axis 12.0 12' 27.5" 38" x 21" 55 lbs 350 lbs.

Box Stores may try to match our prices but they can't match our service.
"Don't be fooled! A manufacturer discontinues an unpopular model and then sells it at the big box under a new name. OR the box store makes up a name and has the kayak made in China or Thailand. Shop at the box stores and you'll find you're on your own both before and after the sale. Hoping that you've made a good choice rather than knowing you've bought the best value for the priorities you have and the waters you want to explore.
We get calls all the time from people trying to find parts for those box store kayaks, unfortunately parts are just not available, anywhere.
What will you do WHEN your seat, footbrace or backrest BREAKS ? You can't even get a cockpit cover or spray skirt to fit them. We call them "white elephants"; cheap box store kayaks which turn out to be a costly mistake and provide a hobby of frustration rather than fun."
Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts has all the best brands plus on site warranty, on-site repairs, parts, lessons, free try-before-you buy and knowledgeable sales people that spend the time to help you buy the right kayak the first time.

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