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Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts
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"Waterport Store" (between Rochester and Niagara Falls)
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ph; 585-682-4849
"Welcome to the BIGGEST - LITTLE canoe and kayak shop in the world"

Bonafide kayak models are all made of the highest grade materials right here in the USA.
A high quality kayak actually retains its shape rather than warping in the sun like that box store kayak that looks more like a limp noodle after two seasons.
Bonafide kayaks are some of the finest quality kayaks available.
Attention to detail is amazing -please come to our store and see for yourself !
Fishing Kayaks

Bonafide SS127
Length - 12' 7"
Width - 33.75"
Depth - 15.5"
Capacity - 475 lbs.
Hull Weight - 69 lbs.
Rigged Weight - 94 lbs.

Bonafide SS107
Length - 10' 7"
Width - 34.5"
Depth - 15.5"
Capacity - 425 lbs.
Hull Weight - 59 lbs.
Rigged Weight - 84 lbs.

Bonafide kayaks are ideal for the professional angler,
Or the beginner looking to improve their kayak fishing techniques and upgrade to a craft that will be very difficult to outgrow.
The cockpit area is ideal for a variety of paddlers since there is sufficient leg room while allowing very secure casting platform and control.
A top quality seat allows the angler to adjust height quickly, should conditions demand it.
Hybrid Cat Hull Design
Our HyCat hull design provides excellent secondary stability while leaning and outstanding maneuverability in adverse conditions.
HyCat hull shape is used on our ss127, ss107, rs117 and ex123.

Bonafide RS117
Length - 11' 7"
Width - 33.5"
Depth - 13"
Capacity - 425 lbs.
Hull Weight - 65 lbs.
Rigged Weight - 77 lbs.

Before you pull the trigger on that made in Thailand or made in China kayak, only to find out it's a dead end of disappointment...
Why not consider a quality USA made kayak like the RS117 that a fellow American has built with pride and earns a living on?

Bonafide RS117 Features.
Hybrid Cat Hull Design
Our HyCat hull design provides excellent secondary stability while leaning and outstanding maneuverability in adverse conditions.
RS117 is maneuverable, super stable and great tracking. HyCat hull shape is also used on our ex123, ss127 and ss107.
Multiple Rod and Paddle Management Points.
Fat Grip Bow and Stern Handles.
Forward Storagewell with Transducer Scupper.
Shield Storagewell Cover with Integrated Paddle Pouch.
Integrated DryPod.
YakAttack MightyMount XL Gear Tracks (two 12 inch and one 6 inch.)
Excellent Standing Stability and Foot Room.
Deck Traction Floor Pads.
Dual Height - Extra Wide Stadium Seat with Double Layer Breathable Mesh for Comfort.
Quick Connect Seat Positioning System with Low and High Positions.
Gear Storage around the Seat for Tackle Organizers and Under Seat Tackle Storage.
Integrated Cup Holder and Integrated Lure Trays either side.
Side Carry Handles with Integrated Paddle Storage Feature.
Dual Flush Mount Rod Holders Behind Seat.
BlackPak Crate Friendly Tankwell Design with Adjustable Hold-Down Bungee and Extra Tackle Storage.
Replaceable Dual Stern Skid Plates.
Stern Access Plate - for Inside Hull Access.
Compatible with After Market Add-ons such as Motors, Power Pole and Rudders.

Bonafide EX123
Length - 12' 3"
Width - 29.5"
Depth - 15.5"
Capacity - 375 lbs.
Hull Weight - 50 lbs.
Rigged Weight - 67 lbs.

The EX123 was designed with stability, versatility, and utility in mind, making it a great choice for paddling, camping, fishing, or all of the above!
One of the most unique sit-inside kayaks on the market, and perhaps ever built, the EX123 lives up to its title as the SUV of kayaks.
Its unmatched features, performance, and storage capabilities are poised to redefine the expectations of paddlers and anglers alike.

Sporting a sleek and nimble variant of the signature Bonafide HyCat hull, the EX123 paddles with ease, while the unmatched stability means you can move around or even stand up confidently.
Our HyCat hull design provides excellent secondary stability while leaning and outstanding maneuverability in adverse conditions.

The EX123 offers great cargo space with multiple storage options from bow to stern:
A shallow, molded-in forward storage well with a hook resistant, vinyl coated cover offers a great place to quickly stow smaller items like dry bags.
The removable console has an integrated MiniTub with plenty of storage to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and more dry and secure.
Pop the lid and utilize the integrated selfie stand to get that perfect hero shot, or simply hold your phone to utilize a navigation app.
Other console features include not one but two cup holders and multi-use pockets for fishing lures and other quick-access items.
The hold-down knobs can be removed and replaced with YakAttack LockNLoad track mounts, enabling the addition of rod holders, fishfinder displays, and many other accessories.
The rear hatch offers a new spin on a traditional cover, which we call the HatchWell.
This multi-function design features a shallow molded in tub on top, similar to the stern tankwell found on most sit on top kayaks, complete with tie-down shock cord for securing crates, dry bags or other gear.
To access dry storage below, simple unlatch and lift. The oversized hatch allows easy access for larger items, and the watertight bulkhead ensures your camping gear, dry bags, and other essential gear stays dry.

Keeping with the Bonafide standard for all day comfort, the QuickClick Stadium Seat in the EX123 sits higher off the floor than traditional kayaks.
This allows a more ergonomically correct seated position for all day comfort.
The higher seat makes it much easier to get in and out of the kayak when compared with the notoriously uncomfortable low seats found in traditional kayaks.
The seat itself has great lower back support and adjustable support straps that enable you to adjust the tension to tune it to your personal preference.

Kayak fishing found its roots in affordability, portability, and simplicity, and the EX123 gets great marks on all 3, making it the perfect grab and go fishing kayak for quick and all-day outings alike.
At under 60 lbs, you can throw it up on your shoulder, or onto your roof rack.
The sit-inside design is perfect for those backwater honey holes or areas with lots of standing timber, with no scuppers to get submerged stumps stuck in.
With 2 flush mount rod holders, a very standable platform, deck traction, and lots of room for fishing gear from bow to stern, the EX123 just might be the perfect platform to remind you why you started kayak fishing.
A quick paddling and very stable platform like this allows you to spend more time fishing and less time dealing with everything else.

Whether its a quick paddling or fishing trip after work, or a multi-day expedition, the EX123 truly is the SUV of kayaks, offering a stable, comfortable, and lightweight option to live your next adventure.

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