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- Family owned for over 50 years -
Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts
- Open year round -
Phone Order Hotline (10am-6pm EST) ..................(800)452-9257
email us: oakorchardcanoe@rochester.rr.com
"Waterport Store" (between Rochester and Niagara Falls)
Store Hours: M,W,TH,FR: 10am to 6pm. SAT:10am to 5pm.
2133 Eagle Harbor Waterport Rd
 Waterport, NY 14571

(for gps use Albion, NY 14411)
ph; 585-682-4849
"Welcome to the BIGGEST - LITTLE canoe and kayak shop in the world"
Try before you buy!!
No need to guess when choosing your new canoe or kayak!

Try Before You Buy is available every day
right at our Waterport store for the entire paddling season.

Test paddling available on Loch Finley or Lake Alice.
It was a great concept 40 years ago, and it still works for you, today! With hundreds of canoes and kayaks to choose from, we will quickly narrow it down to 2 or 3 selections. Then we will take you and your selection to our own dock, a mere 40 feet from our showroom and offer you a complimentary mini paddling lesson.
Loch Finley
2133 Eagle Harbor Waterport RD
Waterport, NY
How to enter the boat, how to exit the boat, how to hold the paddle, how to steer the boat, and in just minutes you become an enthusiast of the sport of paddling. At this point, you can realize the characteristics of one boat against the other. You...not us...will decide which model you like.
FREE Mini Paddling Lesson with Purchase!

Bring the kids, bring the family pet (friendly).
Enjoy our park-like facilities.
Each year we buy many thousands of dollars worth of canoes and kayaks specifically for demo purposes so that our customers can have an opportunity to try before you buy! Many stores do not offer this service (if they do it might only be on one day a year). At our store, you can try (weather permitting) 5 days a week.
We know of no better way to determine which boat you should be buying.

Lake Alice
13400 Waterport Carlton RD
Waterport, NY
Guess which of these two choices would be the most informative and the most fun for your money!

Loch Finley   2133 Eagle Harbor Waterport RD   Waterport, NY
  • Park-Like Facilities!
  • Free Mini Paddle Lesson With Every Boat Purchase!
  • Most Car Top Carry Systems Get Free Installations!
  • You Can't Paddle on Asphalt!
  • No Expert Advice on Boats or Racks!
  • "I'm not allowed to help you tie it on your vehicle"
  • "I normally work in the shoe dept. but that looks like a nice one"
  • Tired of Overpaying and being Under Served at the Mall Stores?
Unless you live next door to the factory, A Boats Warranty is no better than the store you brought it from. We have our own repair shop to honor warranties in house and keep you out on the water. Box store warranty just leaves you on your own, dealing with the manufacturer hundreds of miles away!
  • Our Service Doesn't End at the Cash Register.
  • We Have Water On Premises for Test Paddle.
  • Over 1000 In-Stock Canoes, Kayaks and Paddle Boards.
  • Dozens of Manufacturers & Materials.
  • We Offer Rental and Trade-Ins.
  • Let's make a good selection, not a guess.
  • Service ends at the cash register.
  • Not Locally Owned or Operated.
  • No Water - No Try - No Trades.
  • Mostly Inexperienced Sales People.
  • Bits & Pieces from a few manufacturers.
  • Most box store models are re-branded (since the manufacturer has already discontinued it and replaced it with new improved model; better value.)
   Anyone can take your money at the cash register.
It takes someone with excellent product knowledge and time
to help you
buy the Kayak or Canoe that best fits YOUR needs and will
be a real value!

We advise that you don't base your selection by price alone.

We talk to people all the time that somehow own a kayak or canoe they don't like sitting in, can't keep going straight or can't keep right-side-up.
It's always the same story "ALL of the on-line reviews were so good" OR "it was such a good deal" ---yeah some deal.
With our great selection you'll often find a New one that feels so much better in the water for a similar price to that Used one you saw online.
You can't go wrong with our Try-Before-You-Buy program; you'll know exactly what you do prefer and why.

In all our 40+ years; nobody that has ever regretted buying quality!
On the other hand, we meet folks every week that regret going the cheap route.
They never either never looked for, or were presented with a better option because of how and where they shopped.
One visit to a store like ours in Waterport NY and you'll quickly realize that brands and models vary a lot from each other.
Because of our selection and product knowledge You will easily see and feel the differences you prefer.

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