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Necky Kayaks

2024 Update...
** Some of the Necky kayak parts we have in stock **

Seats: ACS2 seat kit, Retro fit or Replacement Seat
Backbands: Necky Backband kit, Retro fit or Replacement BackBand
Hatches: Replacement Bow Hatch, Replacement Stern Hatch (black rubber type or rigid plastic with neoprene.)
External Skegs: Replacement skeg blade or entire skeg kit (mounted external on the back of the kayak.)
Rudders: Replacement rudder body or entire rudder kit (mounted external on the back of the kayak.)
Drain Plugs: Retro fit or Replacement Drain Plug, Drain Plug kit
Hardware: Bungee cord and Nylon web strap by the foot, nuts, bolts, rivets, etc.

We service what we sell.

Visit our store and see why Necky kayaks have been a top seller year after year.
Necky fiberglass kayaks are made from the highest grade materials currently available.
Over the years this formula has been continuously upgraded to keep up with technology and to ensure the highest quality, durability and value.
Other brands may seek lesser grade materials for higher profits and lower cost but Neckys are built to last!
Necky kayaks are fast and nimble but also have lots of secondary stability due to their unique flared hull design and dolphin bow.
This makes for a kayak that is user friendly and forgiving even in choppy waters but also has plenty of performance to get you there with a minimum amount of effort.

The Necky Difference; it all starts with our high quality hull materials.
As a pioneer in the art of sea kayaks, Necky has vast experience in drawing on the inherent qualities of a responsive design.
We have worked hard to create shapes specifically designed for both recreational and hard core use.
Our sea kayaks are constructed of the highest quality fiberglass and resins, an excellent material for one fundamental reason: performance.
The materials we use for our kayaks optimizes stiffness, durability and impact resistance while keeping the overall weight of the kayak down.
A Necky kayak does not need to weigh a lot to perform well in the water. Our materials also have UV inhibitors.
This addition helps to maintain the life of the kayak despite repeated exposure to the sun.

Necky Kayak shipping via private carrier available to select areas.
We avoid LTL or common carrier for our Necky kayaks since shipping damage is so likely.

Call or email us with your address for a shipping quote.
Call 1-800-452-9257 to order.


The flowing lines of the Chatham series are inspired by classic Greenland designs. The Chatham is built to minimize windage, have great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. The hull has a very full chine, which provides great stability for a boat of this beam and quick response to edging and lean turns on a dime. Volume in the bow is carried well forward ensuring good resurfacing characteristics when riding wind waves or punching surf.
A retractable skeg, 3 bulkheads and 3 waterproof VCP hatches complete the package.
This awesome craft truly excels in surf zones as well as exploration through coastal areas, the Great Lakes and Niagara or Hudson rivers.
Composite construction is considerably lighter and much stiffer than the poly model.
Layup: Advanced Composite Fiberglass
Model Length:Width:Weight:Cockpit
Chatham 16 composite16' 5"22"51 lbs 16.5" x 33"
Chatham 17 composite17' 4"21.5"52 lbs 18" x 34"
Chatham 18 composite17' 9"20"52 lbs 18" x 34"

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