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- Family owned for over 50 years -
Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts
- Open year round -
Phone Order Hotline (10am-6pm EST) ..................(800)452-9257
email us: oakorchardcanoe@rochester.rr.com
"Waterport Store" (between Rochester and Niagara Falls)
Store Hours: M,W,TH,FR: 10am to 6pm. SAT:10am to 5pm.
2133 Eagle Harbor Waterport Rd
 Waterport, NY 14571

(for gps use Albion, NY 14411)
ph; 585-682-4849
"Welcome to the BIGGEST - LITTLE canoe and kayak shop in the world"

These are some Letters from a few of our customers:

Oak Orchard Canoe,

You kindly forwarded to me a Fin Roller Loader. This note is in appreciation of your exemplary service. I was delighted with everything! The speed of delivery, the reasonable price, and the darn thing just works so well! My car is a Subaru Forester SUV and I thought it would be a marriage made in heaven and it was so. The kayak comes off (and on)so fast I end up with a smile on my face every time.
So, thanks to all involved at Oak Orchard. I have passed the brochures on to kayaking friends.

-Annie, Tasmania, Australia
Oak Orchard Canoe,

You guys did a fantastic job. I received my boat today and everything is great. What a pleasant experience. Your staff did a great job in the order process and the trucking company did a great job also. I will be a customer for life. Thanks again to everyone involved with this great service.

Oak Orchard Canoe,

What a pleasurable experience I have enjoyed buying the Necky Chatham 17. Everyone I spoke with and dealt with there was exceptionally courteous, helpful and most professional. I received my kayak yesterday and talk about thorough packaging! You folks are the best! Now each time that I grin widely while we kayak, just know that part of that smile originated from Oak Orchard Canoe. Many thanks!

Oak Orchard Canoe,

You may not realize how widespread the influence you have had on canoeing. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; about as far away from New York as you can get on this continent. The other day I was launching my older clear coat Kevlar Wenonah (Solitude) when I spotted a similar looking Wenonah recreational racing tandem being launched. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, both bore your distinctive Oak Orchard label! You delivered my boat to Bellingham Washington just a few years ago when I bought it from the previous owner who I believe had originally bought it from you in the late eighties. I have no idea how the other boat also wound up on Vancouver Island. But keep up the good work.

Oak Orchard Canoe,

I would like to share with you compliments regarding my visit to Oak Orchard.
Scott greeted me at the door in a polite and professional manner. Scott discussed various kayak options based on my skill level, potential use and my spending budget. There was no pressure from him to purchase or make a decision. He seemed only concerned with having me understand the various options available so I could make an informed decision. With Scott's patience and knowledge I believe I made the correct purchase and investment, that being of a Tsunami 145. I took it out on her maiden voyage Saturday and was very pleased with the kayak's performance.
Although the product knowledge of your team was outstanding, Their treatment of me is why I will recommend Oak Orchard. Any shop can hire and train knowledgeable sales people, but employing polite and considerate people speaks "volumes" to the quality of your shop.
Thanks again for the quality kayak and most especially the quality of service. I look forward to many hours on the water.


Thanks so much for your help with a canoe for my Dad for Christmas and the rush shipping of it to him!

Roanoke, IL

I really appreciate the SUV roller that I ordered - I was able to load an 80lb tandem yak by myself! Everyone who sees it is impressed.

Moreno Valley, CA
Oak Orchard,

A few months ago I bought THE STYLE #2 REAR RACK and last week I bought your J-Cradles. I wanted to say I am very pleased by both. It was a relief to find something that also worked with my tonneau cover. The J cradles are far better than anything Thule or Yakima has to offer. Well, all I really wanted to say is thank you and as long as you guys keep out doing Yakima and Thule you have a new life long customer.


Thanks so much for the great service and prompt delivery. I really appreciate the great deal on the helmet, which happens to be the most comfortable kayaking helmet on the market. Have a great holiday season!


Just a note to say how much I appreciated your kindness on both of our kayaking trips last week. We loved the river and all the wildlife we saw along the way. We also appreciated the great equipment, shuttle, map and most of all - you. You make Oak Orchard Canoe my favorite destination.

This summer my wife and I bought a carbon/kevlar Impex "Mystic"(hers) and a glass Impex "Currituck"(mine) from Oak Orchard Canoe in Waterport, NY. They were having a demo day, and I brought my wife along under the guise that I wanted to "try out a few boats to see what they're like". Once there, I persuaded her to try some boats as well... We bought the Mystic the next day. Two weeks later, I bought a Currituck in glass...
The cost (nearly $3k each) was more than we budgeted, but I look at it as $150 a year for 20 years. Pretty darn cheap considering all the enjoyment we get, and then my sons and their wives will have these boats for years more. Beats the hell out of that $30k automobile that will be long gone at the same time!

Ken H.

Thanks for your help with our spray skirt problem. After a few adjustments they work much better. It's true...you can buy a kayak anywhere but it's the service after the sale that counts.
Thanks again

Dick and Doris
Hi Todd,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service, I received from Wade. Wade put me in touch with a company who distributed what I needed and then when the products arrived at your store, he sent them to me in Canada so that they arrived within 4 days. He even called me to let me know he had personally gone to the post office to mail the package.I appreciated his knowledge, friendliness and trust.

Thanks Again,
John B.
I was at your Waterport store today looking at kayaks. I must tell you I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, knowledge, and willingness to assist me by all of your staff. The main person I dealt with was Mark, but there were 2 other men and a young lady that also impressed me. Although I did not buy one today you can be assured that I will be back!!

Rochester, NY
Thank you, thank you, Bill;

Your personal attention and willingness to keep your shop open after 6pm was greatly appreciated. Because of your knowledge and skill, I got all that I needed in a single trip to Waterport. Although I'm only a beginner,I know kayaking is truly a life sport, to be enjoyed for years to come. I'm a happy kayaker already. And I'll be a return customer of yours for sure. I tell everyone that I can about your store at Waterport, and that they would enjoy a stop there, even if they are not seriously shopping for a kayak now.
I'm so glad that you left Toronto for the States over 30 years ago!

Buffalo, NY
Oak Orchard Canoe:

Just wanted to say "thank you" for excellent service. I ordered a kayak rack to hang my kayaks in my garage and the package arrived in less than a week. Installed it today and I am very pleased. This was my first order from you folks. Very often businesses only hear when things go wrong. I wanted you to know when you have a satisfied customer. I will definitely order from you again.

Farmington, CT
Oak Orchard Canoe:

My wife and myself went to your Rochester store looking to try to buy a couple of kayaks. Scott was the person on at the time. He helped us to decide and we tried about 6 different kayaks. We purchased two Current Designs models. We have been out every weekend either on the Bay or the Lake, and last week on the creek. Each time that we park at your store, Scott has been there.

Webster, NY
Hi, Bill and AL:

We received our kayaks last Saturday and were on the water with them all day Sunday. They are awesome - exactly what we wanted. A giant catfish (at least 4 feet long) jumped out of the river and landed on the front of my kayak and the boat never tipped at all. However, I may be mentally scarred for life :) ! Anyhow, I just wanted to compliment you on your great customer service and exceptional packaging. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thanks again,
Caroline S.
Dear Todd and William:

I am writing to tell you how very helpful one of your employees was to us in selecting our first kayaks

Scott was absolutely professional and knowledgeable in helping us with a lesson before we selected our kayaks. My wife, Mary, has a 14 foot Impex 'Mystic', and I have a 15 foot Eddyline.

With the weather as nice as it has been, we have been enjoying our beautiful waterways.

I can't thank Scott enough for his encouragement and help.

Rochester, NY
Dear Oak Orchard Canoe,

...The Velcro roller that I bought, I mounted to the wing of my 2003 Mazda MPV minivan and it makes loading and unloading my 'Scout' so much easier. It's a great and simple little product that makes my life much easier and my car less scratched up too!

Thank You,
Longmeadow, MA

Thank you for sending the two Sonoma kayaks to me via Forward Air to San Diego. I picked them up Monday, July 19th and have used them in Mission Bay Park in San Diego, as well as a local mountain lake in Kings Canyon National Park, called Hume Lake. We love them!!! in lakes, slow rivers and in the ocean bays. Man, you guys sure do wrap them up well too! I have attached two pictures: first is how I got them home from the freight company, and the second is how I got them from San Diego to Fresno with absolutely no problems (and I had to go thru LA to get home).

Just wanted to say thank you very very much.
Linda R
Fresno, California

Hello Folks!

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you and your staff for such a pleasurable experience! While at your Rochester store this weekend, shopping for kayaks, it seemed very busy. Jenny, our salesperson, was most attentive, knowledgeable and patient with us (first time buyers). I am sure our son will be most pleased with our choice, and I'm sure when it is time for us to, we will be back for another (for me!).

Thanks again'
The Allens
 Oak Orchard Canoe,

I took my Daughter and Son-in-law to your Rochester store to check out kayaks. Last fall we were interested and had a lesson locally in the Buffalo area. My daughter was turned off by the instructor/salesman and didn't want to do business with his shop. Yesterday we met 'Ben', he was so helpful in making sure they tried all the kayaks (he did all this in the rain) they could, he really took time with them answering all their questions and giving them tips on kayaks, paddles, car racks and everything else they needed. Originally they thought they would just 'check your store out', but Ben was so great dealing with them that they both purchased everything they needed. We got to see your Waterport store when we picked up their kayaks on our way back to Buffalo. At Waterport we were helped by another young man (I didn't catch his name) who also made their experience a pleasant one. This morning we were all out on Ellicot creek trying out their kayaks. Their smiles were wort a million dollars to me. I wish to commend you on having such a nice sales staff as Ben and the other young man. I will always recommend Oak Orchard to everyone I meet. Thank you for a great experience!!

Micheal M.
Buffalo, NY
 Mr. Finley,

Thank you very much for sending me the other plates to help solve my problem. But the problem was me.

It worked just like you said it would. I loaded my canoe on the rack, traveled several hundred miles, and the plates have been perfectly flat, my tonneau cover stays down with no leaks and the uprights perfectly plumb.

I have to apologize for doubting your word. But seeing that rack when I first bolted it to the truck, it did not seem possible that everything would end up straight and plumb.

If you ever have a situation where a potential customer in my area would like to see your product and talk with a satisfied customer feel free to contact me.

again thank you for your assistance and good service.

George E. --(regarding our #2 style truck rack)
Everett, PA

 Oak Orchard Canoe,

I wanted to applaud Oak Orchard for a great staff and store, specifically the help/advice from Wade at the new store.

As a new comer to the sport, I was unsure of myself while shopping for gear. I originally came to Oak Orchard to try on some gear to find the right size, with Wades advice and patience I was able to outfit myself more appropriately. I got to know Wade through the FLOW message boards and realized he was a seasoned/experienced paddler. I was comfortable and always felt like I was making a good investment, not just being sold something. He was extremely courtious, patient, and resourceful. Kudos to him and you guys for running a great outfit!

Also I just wanted to thank you guys for supporting FLOW. I haven't heard a bad thing about you guys and think its great you support local paddling organizations.

I am Extremely Happy with my experience at Oak Orchard and will continue to support the store in the future!

Kevin S.
Rochester, NY

I stopped by on Sunday and bought a perception Sole' kayak. (the guy from Michigan with 3 daughters) We just opened up the kayak and installed the rudder.

By the way I stopped all over the place at kayak shops and you have one of the best!


Michael M.
Saginaw, MI

Dear Bill,

I would like to compliment you on your roof rack system. It was extremely easy to install, and has been a pleasure to use. I have enclosed a picture of my 17 ft. Grumman canoe on the rack on my pick-up.

Thanks again for all your help.


Craig M.
Wanamassa, NJ

Dear Oak Orchard Canoe,

I want to thank you for the fine service you provided me. Back in September, The week after Labor Day. I planned to stop by your place on my way to the St. Regis canoe area to buy a replacement for my old canoe. Well, I got a late start out of central Ohio and ended up calling you folks on the way. You were kind enough to allow me to arrive after hours and you showed me several canoes, paddles, etc. I bought a Raddison, just about the perfect canoe for the way I use it. Thanks for taking the time to stay open late for me, and educating me on the features of various canoes-resulting in my obtaining a canoe appropriate for my needs. Good Job.


Hugh M.
Granville, Ohio

Hi Folks,

Thanks a big bunch for sending the 303 to me and so promptly - Great Service as Always!!!
I am sending a check to cover the 303 you sent, the postage and for a cup of coffee for your efforts. I guess I've got to get a 3rd kayak for the kids (have 2 now). Hope to see you soon.

Martha M.
Orchard Park, NY

Oak Orchard Canoe
Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for the lesson yesterday, we put the canoe in the creek last evening, what a difference your lesson made, thank you!
Unloading and loading it was so much easier and the new paddles work so well, hard to believe the difference. Again, Thank you.

John L.
Olean, NY

Hello. I wanted to write and tell you how thankful I am for the wrap job you did on the old town Katahdin canoe I purchased from you. Despite the best effort of two trucking companies covering 2,000 miles rough handling my canoe, it arrived in excellent condition. I attribute this to the time and effort you took in applying an excellent wrap job to the canoe.

Thanks again, and I will recommend Oak Orchard Canoe to all my friends

A. W. M.
El Paso, Texas

Louise Paddled a total of 405 miles around Lake Ontario. The Trip that took 3 years of planning, and her goal was to be the first person ever to circumnavigate Lake Ontario by a kayak. She set aside six weeks in which to do so and planned the trip so she would finish on her 50th birthday. She fell short by 50 miles because of foul weather only to go back the next year and complete the trip. Louise is currently working winters in Antarctica as a kayak guide.

"Thank you, Oak Orchard, For helping me make my Dream a Reality! The Spray Skirt and Werner Paddle helped me get all the way around the Lake.
Lake Ontario is great fun in a kayak- I highly recommend it!"

Thanks Again,
  Louise Adie Paddles around Lake Ontario with Oak Orchards PAddles
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