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Unique Paddlock design allows the option of interchangeable blades and shafts. Connections lock down tight with allen wrench tool. A 4-piece paddle that feels like a one piece paddle. Use our Lendal paddle builder to get exactly the paddle configuration you need.

"Lendal touring paddles represent the culmination of everything we have learned in over 40 years of pushing the limits in paddle design and construction. Our company was founded out of a desire for better performance, and that desire for efficiency still drives everything we do. Our goal with these paddles is to make world-class performance available to everyone. We offer our performance-oriented designs in a wide range of constructions to suit a variety of requirements in strength, weight, and price."
- Lendal Paddles
Choose the blades for your paddle below:
(You will choose the shaft for your paddle on the next page.)
Lendal Carbon Composite Kinetik Tour Blade set, cc #650

Kinetik Touring takes the same Kinetik concept that revolutionized slalom paddling and offers it in a form specially adapted to touring. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, and that is what this model is all about--it's exceptionally efficient, and produces a fantastic feeling of motion.
Contoured blade tip design loads with water quickly, giving rapid response to acceleration and maneuvering strokes
Cut-away throat allows longer forward reach without hitting the kayak, allowing longer, more effective strokes
The Kinetik Tour blade provides plenty of power on demand.
Choose 600 or 650 blade size for outstanding for high-performance paddling, cruising, training, and ocean play. Also popular for ocean and adventure racing, and the #1 choice of coaches.
Material: Epoxy/carbon fiber construction is ultra-light, very stiff, and strong. It's the favorite choice of guides and instructors who must hold their paddles all day, and it is the obvious choice for any long journey where the light weight can prevent a lot of fatigue.
The proven performance of Kinetik Touring blades are extremely efficient yet also very smooth and quiet through the stroke. You will travel farther for every stroke than with ordinary blades. Kinetik shape provides greater power for precise maneuvers on demand. The Kinetik Touring blade design allows for longer, more effective strokes, a perfect choice for a paddler who wants to travel efficiently.
Blades sold in pairs; you would normally also buy (or already own) a shaft to make a complete paddle.
Designed for the Lendal Paddlock system which allows you to swap out different blades and shafts to match any conditions.
"Kinetik Tour 650" blade specs: Blade Length; 19 5/8" Blade Width; 7 1/8" [50cm x 18cm]



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